Twitter Now An Official Sponsor Of The Apache Foundation

Twitter has been on a roll recently. They are becoming one of the friendliest companies to developers, innovators and open source evangelists. Their latest move may just bump them up to god-like status. Twitter announced today that they are now…

Apache HTTP Server 2.4 Now Available

The popular Apache HTTP Server software has just received a long-overdue update. According to an announcement from the Apache Software Foundation, Apache HTTP Server 2.4 is available now. The update includes several major improvements, including better overall performance, asynchronous I/O…

Facebook Becomes Sponsor Of Apache Software Foundation

Today, the Apache Software Foundation gained a new sponsor: Facebook.  Facebook is a gold sponsor, too, which means that the social network expressed its support for open source software by volunteering to donate $40,000 per year to the ASF.

Cynics shouldn’t waste their time looking for an ulterior motive.  Facebook won’t get much out of this deal aside from a link on the ASF’s "Thanks" page, an ASF logo to put on its own site, and a PR blurb.