Report: 1 in 2 Android Apps Share User Data With Third Parties

Android apps continue to be a privacy nightmare, with 1 in 2 apps on the Google Play Store sharing user data with third parties.

Microsoft Is Killing Off SwiftKey for iOS

Microsoft is killing off its SwiftKey predictive keyboard for iOS, with plans to remove it from the App Store as of October 5.

More Android Apps Were Abandoned Than Updated in the Last Six Months

The Google Plays Store has a problem, with more Android apps abandoned in the last six months than those updated.

EU Upholds Record Fine Against Google Over Android Dominance

The European Union has upheld a record fine against Google for abusing its dominance in the smartphone market.

Android 13 Requires 2GB of RAM and 16GB of Storage

Android’s minimum requirements are going up, with the latest Android 13 requiring 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

Tim Cook Isn’t Interested in Solving the ‘Green Bubble’ Problem

Apple seems largely unconcerned with the blue vs green bubble debate, with Cook saying the solution is to buy an iPhone.

Get Ready for Ads on Your Phone’s Lockscreen

A Google-backed startup plans to bring its lockscreen platform to the US within a couple of months, turning lockscreens into another way to serve ads.

YouTube TV Now Supports Picture-in-Picture on iOS 15

YouTube TV has finally brought Picture-in-Picture (PiP) support to iOS 15 devices, making it one of the last major streaming apps to do so.

Google Deploys Air Raid Alerts on Android to Help Ukrainians

Google is deploying an Air Raid Alerts system for Android users in Ukraine, in an effort to help them stay safe.

Severe Vulnerability Impacts Linux and Android

A new, severe vulnerability is putting Linux computers and many Android phones at risk.

Google Abandoned the Pixel 3 For No Good Reason

Some users are not happy with Google’s decision to stop supporting the Pixel 3, and there appears to be no technical reason for the decision.

Google Bringing Privacy Sandboxing to Android

Google is taking a page from Apple, laying the groundwork for privacy sandboxing in its Android operating system (OS).

Android Apps Are Finally Coming to Windows 11 Next Month

Microsoft has announced that Android apps, along with a slew of other improvements, are finally coming to Windows 11 next month.

DC AG Sues Google For Using ‘Dark Patterns’ to Undermine Privacy

Google is once again in the crosshairs for its privacy (or lack thereof), with the DC Attorney General suing it over “Dark Pattern” practices.

Twitter Communities Comes to Android

Twitter has brought its Communities to Android, after first rolling out the feature to iOS in September 2021.

Yes, the Blackberry 5G Phone Is Still Coming

Despite delays, a 5G Blackberry phone is still in development, complete with the iconic physical keyboard.

Google Under Closer Scrutiny From German Antitrust Watchdog

Google has been labeled a company of “paramount significance” by the German antitrust watchdog, opening the door for more scrutiny.

Surface Duo Owners Left in the Cold As Microsoft Fails to Deliver Update

Microsoft promised an Android 11 update for the Surface Duo before the end of 2021, but the company has failed to deliver.

Samsung S22 May Offer Google’s New Fuchsia OS

Samsung’s S22 line may be the first mainstream smartphone and tablet devices powered by Google’s new Fuchsia operating systems (OS).