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Tag: android 4.0

Jelly Bean Continues To Grow, Gingerbread And ICS Hit With Small Declines
Back in January, we finally saw Gingerbread fall below 50 percent in Google’s Android distribution numbers for December. At the same time, Ice C...
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Android Is Finally Free Of Gingerbread’s Deathlike Grip, ICS And Jelly Bean Quickly Catching Up
At the beginning of December, Gingerbread was on the cusp of finally dropping below 50 percent in terms of Android distribution numbers. The holidays ...
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Jelly Bean Adoption Slowly Growing, Gingerbread Still On Top
Back in early November, the October Android distribution numbers revealed that Ice Cream Sandwich was now on a quarter of all Android devices. It was ...
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Gmail For Android Gets Much Needed Improvements, Exclusive To Android 4.0 And Above
Gmail comes standard with almost every Android device, but it hasn’t seen much improvement for quite a while now. That all changes today with it...
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Android Fans Celebrate Five Years Of Google’s Mobile Operating System
November 5 is a date that many people remember for different reasons. Most people on the Internet probably remember the date because of Guy Fawkes Day...
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Latest Android Distribution Numbers Show Gingerbread Still On Top, But Not For Long
Motorola made its customers rather unhappy yesterday when it announced that the Atrix 4G would not be getting the promised upgrade to Android 4.0. The...
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Motorola Pulls A Sony: Atrix 4G Won’t Be Getting Ice Cream Sandwich
Sony caught a lot of flak earlier this year when they failed on their promise to upgrade the Xperia Play to Android 4.0. They cited technical difficul...
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Samsung Bricks Galaxy Notes With Ice Cream Sandwich Update
Carriers and device manufacturers have been messing up Android since the beginning. Not simply content with a free operating system good enough to imm...
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Ice Cream Sandwich Is Slowly Becoming The Norm
Android fragmentation is a multi-tiered problem. There’s the multiple devices and multiple versions of the Android OS that has many developers u...
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The New YouTube App Is Actually Pretty Awesome
Google announced some big improvements to the YouTube API during I/O that will help Android devices get the most out of the service with smooth, high-...
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Ice Cream Sandwich Brings Sweet Delight To Droid RAZRs Everywhere
It’s the beginning of summer and all anybody wants is some cool, refreshing ice cream. While it’s not exactly the same thing, Android phon...
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Sony Xperia S Gets Some Ice Cream Sandwich Love Today
Is today Ice Cream Sandwich day or what? Sure, AT&T may have potentially flubbed its rollout of the operating system to Galaxy S II handsets, but...
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AT&T Gives Galaxy S II An Ice Cream Sandwich, Then Takes It Away
The hot item around the country today is the Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung’s latest may be having all the tech and Android blogs in a tizzy, but...
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Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX Getting Ice Cream Sandwich Soon
As I sit here in my dark corner of the fragmented Android empire, I weep over my lack of Android 4.0. My agony is made even worse by the fact that the...
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Songkick Concerts App Hits Android Phones
Concerts are the way to go if you really want to support the music artist. The only problem is that concert schedules are really hard to keep track of...
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Spotify For Android Updated With Full ICS Support
Spotify has been around the mobile scene for a while now, but Android users have been dealing with being treated like second-rate citizens compared to...
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Google TV Set-Top Box Will Stream Content From Android 4.0 Devices
One of the coolest things that Microsoft showed off during its E3 press conference this week was SmartGlass. In essence, it allows any mobile device t...
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Ice Cream Sandwich Not Coming To Xperia Play After All
We reported back in March that Sony was starting up a beta test program to see which Xperia phones could take on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). One...
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Ice Cream Sandwich Now Available On Xperia Play
It sucks buying an old Android phone because you can’t get access to newer operating systems unless you root your phone and install a ROM of the...
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Samsung Sells 5 Million Galaxy Notes in 5 Months
Five months after its launch, the Samsung Galaxy Note has achieved sales of 5 million units, according to the company. The first million devices were ...
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