We Are Iterating At a Faster Clip, Says Amazon Web Services CEO

“We have a pretty significant market segment leadership position in this infrastructure cloud computing space,” says AWS CEO Andy Jassy. “There are a few reasons for it. The first is we just have much more functionality by a large amount than anybody else. We are also iterating at a faster clip.”

AWS CEO: Cloud is Still Really Early Days

“It’s still really early days,” says Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy speaking about the cloud. “Sometimes we remind ourselves that even though it’s a $30 billion revenue run rate business growing 45 percent year-over-year, it’s the early stages of enterprise and public sector adoption in the US. Outside the US they’re 12 to 36 months behind depending on the country and industry.”

Cloud is Really the New Normal for Financial Services

“Cloud is really the new normal,” says Scott Mullins, Head of Worldwide Financial Services Business Development at AWS. “If you look across enterprise companies and financial services today, the vast majority are considering cloud as a major part of their IT strategy going forward.”

AWS CEO Announces Textract to Extract Data Without Machine Learning Skills

AWS CEO Andy Jassy announced Amazon Textract at the AWS re:Invent 2018 conference. Textract allows AWS customers to automatically extract formatted data from documents without losing the structure of the data. Best of all, there are no machine learning skills required to use Textract.

AWS Plans to Reduce Cost of Data Retrieval With New Satellite Connection Service

Amazon Web Services is set to launch a satellite connection service that will make it faster for satellite operators to retrieve and secure their data. This heralds the company’s initial foray into space-linked hardware and will continue Amazon’s endeavors to…

Amazon Web Services Now has a Tool for Managing ‘Secrets’

Even companies have secrets that must never be revealed to outsiders. These include passwords,  API keys and other credentials that could spell trouble and even cost the company money if they fall into the wrong hands. In this age where…

Amazon Web Services Acquires Cybersecurity Startup Sqrrl

Cybersecurity will always remain a big issue that computing companies such as Amazon Web Services will have to address every time they court potential clients. After all, these clients will want assurance that their sensitive data will remain secure when stored…

Amazon Introduces Unified Auto Scaling for AWS

One big reason why businesses find cloud computing attractive is its scalability. But Amazon Web Services (AWS) just brought scalability to a whole new level by launching a new feature called AWS Auto Scaling, which allows clients to adjust the scaling features…

Microsoft Azure Cuts into AWS’s Market Share in 4th Quarter

Microsoft’s Azure is finally gaining a foothold in the cloud computing niche with its market share jumping from 16 to 20 percent in the 4th quarter of 2017. The jump amounts to around $3.7 billion of its total revenue for the year. In contrast,…

Amazon Web Services Improves AI for New Consultancy Program

Amazon has rolled out a consultancy program with the goal of assisting consumers with cloud machine learning. The company plans to do this by connecting clients with their own experts. Dubbed the Amazon ML Solutions Lab, it helps clients unfamiliar…