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Tag: Abuse

Facebook Beefs Up Messenger Security
Facebook has announced significant new measures to increase the security of Messenger, as well as combat predators and scammers....
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Twitter Experiments With Language Warning System
Nearly everyone has had the experience of saying something they don’t mean, and Twitter is working to help prevent it....
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Google Paid Record-Breaking $6.5 Million In Bug Bounties In 2019
Google has announced it paid a record-breaking $6.5 million through its Vulnerability Reward Programs in 2019. Google’s VRPs rewards security resear...
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Twitter Rolls Out Direct Message Anti-Abuse Feature
After a month and a half of testing, Twitter is rolling out a spam and abuse filter for Direct Messages (DM), according to a report by TechCrunch. The...
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Twitter Has a New Hub for Helping People Deal with Abuse and Harassment
Twitter continues to work to deal with the rampant abuse and harassment on the site – and it’s an uphill battle. This sort of behavior has alw...
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Twitter Makes It Easier to Block a Bunch of Users at the Same Time
Twitter has just made another move in its uphill battle to curb abuse on the site. The social network is now making it easier to block a whole swath o...
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Can Twitter Curb Abuse or Is It Just Too Easy to Be a Troll?
Though many social networks, forums, and websites struggle with how to deal with abuse and harassment, Twitter is usually the first one mentioned when...
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Reddit Unveils New Anti-Harassment Policy, But What Does It Actually Do?
Reddit, a site that’s basically run by volunteer moderators with minimal tinkering from the higher-ups, says it’s going to get more seriou...
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Twitter Deploys New Algorithm to Fight Abuse
Twitter has a known and admitted problem with abusive content – one that truly embodies the phrase “no silver bullet.” How do you stop p...
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Instagram Takes Harder Line on Nudity, Abuse
Instagram has always asked users to be nice and respectful of each other, but now the social network is taking a harder line on a handful of issues. A...
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Debby Ryan Talks About Her Psycho Friend
Disney star Debby Ryan has a story that most people have a hard time accepting. “There are people in my life that couldn’t believe this st...
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Twitter Finally Takes a Proactive Step to Fight Abuse – but It’s Limited in Scope for Now
Twitter is taking the first real proactive step to combat abusive content on the site. Anil Dash noticed a new feature when he logged into Twitter on ...
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Twitter Makes Reporting Threats to Police a Little Easier
It’s not a giant new feature or anything, but Twitter has taken yet another in a long line of recent steps to deal with abuse and harassment on ...
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Twitter Takes on Revenge Porn and Other Content Posted without Consent
Twitter has taken another step in protecting its users from harassment, this time targeting explicit content posted without consent or so-called ̶...
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Twitter Says It’s Tripled the Team Handling Abuse Reports
Twitter has a big problem with abuse. Everyone knows this. The company’s CEO knows this. The management team at Twitter knows something has to b...
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Iggy Azalea Quits Twitter for a Bit, Says “The Internet Is the Ugliest Reflection of Mankind”
It seems like a celebrity quits Twitter every day, and today it’s rapper Iggy Azalea’s turn. Thanks to some Twitter trolls and a few papar...
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Twitter Must Make It Harder to Be an Abuser, Says CEO
Twitter is aware that it has a problem with trolls and abusive content on the site. Twitter has taken and is currently taken steps to combat the seemi...
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Twitter to Kick Trolls Off ‘Right and Left’, Says CEO
Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has admitted something we’re all well aware of: Twitter is pretty bad at handling instances of abuse on its platform. &...
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“Drunk Girl” Video Is A Viral Hoax, Completely Faked
“‘Drunk girl in public’ prank will make you lose faith in humanity” read the headlines of Metro, Blender Fox, and London Report. The “Drunk ...
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Mike Tyson Was Sexually Abused As A Child
Mike Tyson was sexually abused as a child. According to Time Magazine, the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world recently opened up abou...
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