Stupid Man Attempts to Steal iPad In Michigan


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Bad news for an iPad thief who turned out to be less than a mastermind of petty crime. This past saturday, the aspiring thief lured a prospective iPad seller to a meeting place in Ann Arbor, MI. where he intended to gain an opportunity to steal the product. When the victim arrived at the meeting place, the 600 block of Armstrong, the thief was ready. The seller presented the product for inspection and the thief snatched it up and fled the scene. No doubt the seller was distraught, but the story didn't end there.

When the mastermind executed his cunning plan he inadvertantly left behind some key evidence. During his daring escape the suspect left behind his cell phone. The victim gathered up the evidence, alerted authorities, and waited for action.

When the police arrived at the suspects home, he knew what they were there for and put up a struggle. Eventually freeing himself, he once again fled the scene. Found a few blocks later, he was taken into custody and booked on charges of assault and larceny. The iPad is said to be worth about $500.

So if you are going to commit a crime, it is best if you don't leave all your contact information behind with the victim. This is a rookie mistake. I'll look forward to seeing the outcome of this case.