All You Need To Know About Static Residential Proxies

Cybersecurity is becoming more and more important these days. Keep safe and learn more about static residential proxies below....
All You Need To Know About Static Residential Proxies
Written by Brian Wallace
  • Today, proxy servers are the key to Internet security. It is absolutely not surprising that many users pay attention to static residential proxies. They differ from other proxies in some characteristics. In this article, we are going to talk about the specifics of these proxy servers, and we will also try to objectively review their pros and cons.

    First you need to understand the main reason why people use proxy servers.  Of course, there are many reasons for this, such as:

    •  Security of your personal data;
    •  Anonymity on the Internet;
    •  Content filtering feature;
    •  Ability to bypass geographical blocks.

    In the case of security, it is important to remember that it is important for you to take care of your personal data online. Often hackers are able to steal your data and take advantage of your accounts and bank cards. And reliable proxy servers from PrivateProxy can protect you and your privacy on the Internet.

    Static residential proxies are used to guard your real IP without hiding it, but simply replacing it with another IP address provided by your ISP.  We can say that such proxies are regarded as legal IP addresses because this address is used only by you.

    Static residential proxies: pros and cons 

    Sometimes users choose these proxies precisely because they are characterized by reliability and a high level of anonymity. It is much harder for site protection systems to find out and block users with a residential proxy. As you know, statistical residential proxies save their IP addresses every time you use your browser. Moreover, it works regardless of the days and the amount of activity. This prevents any tracking tool from identifying a user redeployment. Any home proxy server can send any number of simultaneous requests, and IP addresses are directly associated with a specific region.

    As you can see, dynamic proxies constantly interchange your IP when you open a browser. They always tend to change it when you log in.

    However, dynamic proxies have one significant drawback – a powerful website security system can simply detect that IP addresses are not tied to any IР.

    It is important to mention that a static server is usually much slower than a regular server. If you need high-speed internet to buy limited edition products, you’d better choose a different kind of proxy.

    What is important to pay attention to when choosing a proxy?

    If you are choosing a proxy server for the first time, then here you can find information about what is important to pay attention to when buying this service. Here it is important to emphasize the following characteristics:

    •  Confidentiality;
    •  Speed ​​and reliability;
    •  Simultaneous device connections;
    •  Server network;
    •  Device Compatibility.

    Consider the activity log retention policy and geographic location. Always choose a proxy server whose reputation is intact and whose no-logs policy is transparent. Stay away from services located in countries with a history of violating user privacy.

    You should choose proxies that offer uninterrupted navigation and unlimited bandwidth. And also if you need super fast Internet, then pay attention to the proxies that affect the speed minimally.

    Look for proxy services that offer connections to multiple devices. This means you can secure all the devices in your home with a single subscription to a service like PrivateProxy.

    In addition, you need to remember that as a general rule, the closer you are to the server, the faster your connection will be. PrivateProxy has thousands of servers evenly distributed around the world. This means that there will always be a server nearby, no matter where you are. It also means less congestion on each server and therefore a faster connection.

    When can proxy usage be beneficial for users? 

    There is no doubt that you can use residential proxies whenever and wherever you need them.  However, such proxies most often come to the rescue when it makes no sense to use dynamic proxies.

    As already mentioned, site security systems can quickly block dynamic proxies and in this case you will lose access to the site. This happens due to suspicious activity and security systems block such IP addresses.

    However, static residential proxies are much more difficult to check and even more difficult to verify their strange activity. This type of proxy works with the same IP for a long period. Thus, security systems do not respond to static proxies at all. As you know, often trading platforms and shopping websites can block a user due to suspicious activity. This is due to the fact that site owners seek to protect their ideas and the work of marketers from competitors.

    You are recommended to use static proxies to view just such pages, such as social networks and trading platforms. They are most sensitive to the activity of their users.

    It must be remembered that static proxy servers will also be a great solution for interacting with other types of sites. Static residential proxies offer you high reliability, online anonymity and speed.

    What problems might a user of static residential proxies encounter?

    A static proxy certainly offers the best feature set.  Characteristics of static residential proxies from PrivateProxy is a high level of service and maximum proxy capabilities and efficiency.

    However, there is some risk if you use a static proxy all the time. In the case of dynamic proxies that constantly change their IPs, there is no risk of being caught by data miners.

    When you use the internet with static proxies, the IP address changes very rarely, which makes it possible for miners to identify and track your IP.  Therefore, if you want to avoid data mining, it is better to change the IP address of your static residential proxy from time to time.

    These are proxies in which the IP address is provided directly by the ISP: this causes them to be interpreted as belonging to a human user, making it easier to bypass blocking systems during online data cleaning activities.

    In addition, these proxies are quite affordable. One service can provide up to 100,000 static IP addresses (mostly located in the US), which are especially suitable for activities such as intensive data scraping from public sites.

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