SnapChat to Offer Advertisers Behavioral Targeting

SnapChat will soon offer behavioral targeting options to its advertisers, according to an eMarketer report referenced by BusinessInsider. SnapChat Director of Revenue Operations, Clement Xue, said in the report that SnapChat was going to launch behavioral targeting capabilities by the end of September.

Per BI, SnapChat will initially based all of its behavioral targeting on what a user does within the app and not aggregate data from other sources. Unlike most social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter, SnapChat only is available on mobile devices, making cookie data inaccessible for them because cookies don’t work on certain devices and browsers and don’t function at all within mobile apps. Other social apps which have a desktop presence can use cookies to add to their behavioral data by following a user around as they go to various websites.

The behavioral data likely to be offered will be based on who a user follows, especially industry specific interests, such as a certain type of music entertainer. Record labels could then use that data to reach a more likely consumer of a singers music they represent. Advertisers already have data from SnapChat related to the age, gender and geo location of users, so behavioral data will simply add to the mix.

In order to make their behavioral data more robust SnapChat will have to obtain web browsing data which they have already made the first moves toward by introducing a “Login with SnapChat” button on its recently acquired Bitmoji Keyboard app.

This could be the beginning of SnapChat becoming another login option, similar to the Google or Facebook login’s seen all around the web and apps. This would give SnapChat a tremendous amount of behavioral data beyond the small amount that is usable based on in-app follows.

SnapChat Continues to Grow Amazingly Fast

A new report by eMarketer, “Snapchat Advertising: A Roadmap for US Brand Marketers and Digital Agency Executives,” predicts continued huge growth for SnapChat. SnapChat sees itself as a photo app combined with social connectivity and its mostly young user base certainly agrees. “We’re like a camera company,” said Bryan Kim, manager of Snapchat’s strategy group. “And we encourage creativity, which is why there are so many creative tools on our platform—doodles, geofilters, stickers and lenses.”

The eMarketer report “projects 58.6 million US consumers will use Snapchat at least once per month in 2016.” This equates to 28.3% of US smartphone users and 18.1% of the entire US population, which is nearly double the use estimated only 2 years ago. eMarketer is predicting that this kind of growth will continue over the next 4 years.