Siri Wants To Kill Zooey Deschanel And Take Over Her Body

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Siri, iPhone's voice assistant, has gathered a lot of attention in recent weeks; between ads featuring some high-profile actors and IBM announcing they were banning Siri due to security concerns, she's certainly getting a lot of play.

One particular ad has people buzzing and has even spawned a few spoofs; as with everything actress Zooey Deschanel does, people either really love it or hate it with a fiery passion. The commercial shows Zooey asking Siri to have soup delivered on a rainy day, remind her to clean up later, and play a particular song to dance to. One writer for Huffington Post asked exactly the same questions of his iPhone assistant to see if he would get the same results after lawsuits popped up against Apple for misleading advertising; according to this video, Zooey's ad was pretty accurate.

But that doesn't mean it hasn't drawn some ire from people who think the actress' demands are ridiculous. That's why some of the funny guys over at Team Coco have put together a little commercial of their own, depicting Siri's vengeful personality after being subjected to an overload of cute and quirky Zooey.

Of course, it's all in good fun. The world is still in love with Zooey, no matter how fed up Siri is with her. And she is totally safe from demonic smartphone possession. Until the machines rise up, that is.

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