Sharing Instagram Photos On Facebook May Get You Unfriended

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Facebook has an ongoing mission to convince all of us that sharing should be an unlimited, Borg-like activity we have no hesitations about. However, it turns out that over-sharing pictures you took using a photo app like Instagram or Hipstamatic might do more than rub your friends the wrong way - they may outright cancel your Facebook friendship.

A new survey by of over 1,600 UK Facebook users found that their number one photo peeve on the site is when people share photos taken with the aforementioned apps. 1 out of 5 of those annoyed users had no qualms about unfriending the over-eager sharer. The main reason Facebook users were so perturbed with these types of photos, according to the Daily Mail, is because of the "unnecessarily photographic effects" and the "gimmicky" look. 61% of Facebook users not-so-excited to see those Instragammed party pics pop up in their feed on a regular basis took a lighter response and opted to hide the person's post. Overall, at least 1 in 3 Facebookers said they took some kind of action to keep these types of photos from reappearing in their feed.

More, these types of photos annoyed Facebook users more than baby pictures, which ranked as the second biggest photo annoyance on the site.

Instagram recently passed the 25 million-user mark and is slowly but surely set to release a version for Android, which will only explode the number of active users who will presumably be uploading photos to Facebook. This probably isn't the type of public relations they want to be hearing right about now, but Android users have been (im)patiently waiting for so long to finally have access to the app that I'm sure the risk of losing a few Facebook friends won't be enough to deter their sharing of photos. Even still, there's hundred of billions of people on Facebook - if somebody unfriends you, there's a deep pool from which you can find replacements.

But seriously. Is this really so much worse than a baby photo that it begs to beunfriended?

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