Top Security Tools To Help Businesses With Project Management

It's important to keep your business secure. Learn some of the top tips of security tools for project management below....
Top Security Tools To Help Businesses With Project Management
Written by Brian Wallace
  • Any workforce can benefit from implementing technologies that improve and streamline project management.

    One of the best ways to gain more insight into productivity, and provide employees with more convenience is to invest in security tools for project management.

    If you want to learn about the top security tools to improve project management, keep reading. In this guide, we will discuss the best security tools that enhance the convenience of punching in and provide more insight into project management.

    One Single Platform For Security Management

    One of the best ways to streamline project management is to make security information more accessible for you and your team members.

    A cloud-based security system creates a single platform of truth for security data, from store camera systems to computer access logs at an on-site office. By establishing an integrated security system, you can eliminate data silos, allowing all security information to be hosted in one place, and improve oversight.

    Another benefit of a cloud-based security system is that it allows your team to view security information from anywhere, whether on-site or off-site.

    Smoother data retrieval lets your team view security data from different sources on a single interface without correlating timestamps. For instance, you would need to view surveillance video data alongside access control data to verify an employee’s identity.

    Using a single platform for security management also enables easier onboarding and offboarding of your hires. If you need to onboard an employee to your security system, you can do so in one place, unlike several disparate platforms.

    Respond Quickly To Events And Changes

    Cloud-based security tools have another significant benefit: they allow employees to receive alerts and notifications when working.

    Employees often perform tasks that leave them unavailable to deal with customers entering the building. The alerts provided by a cloud-based security system notify staff when a customer enters the building, allowing them to stop their task and deal with the customer.

    Additionally, integrating occupancy management software with a cloud-based door access system can help inform staffing decisions.

    Occupancy management software identifies occupancy levels based on access control events, identifies trends, and forecasts future occupancy levels. If you’re looking to make better staffing decisions, you can use data gathered from your occupancy management software to determine your busiest hours and which are your most active days.

    For busy days, you can ensure you have plenty of staff on-hand, ensuring your team isn’t overwhelmed by customers—which could lead to poor-quality service that harms your business’ reputation. You can add extra shifts to your working days to cover a lunch shift or the time of day when your establishment is busiest and avoid unplanned overtime hours.

    The software also allows you to plan your staff’s workday more effectively, ensuring they’re free to tend to customers during your busy hours while managing other tasks during your less activehours.

    Deeper Data Analysis For Improved Decision Making

    Applying time-tracking software to your cloud-based access control system allows for improved data analysis and decision-making regarding your payroll procedures.

    Buddy-punching and employees recording hours improperly affect your business, as you’re being charged for hours your employees haven’t worked. As part of your project management strategy, you can ensure your employees know that the tool will track their time based on when they enter and leave the premises.

    Time-tracking software provides you with more reliable data to analyze employee productivity and ensures proper payroll procedures. Time tracking software is beneficial for businesses that frequently use contractors.

    You can identify productivity trends through data analysis, using the information to improve project management and optimize productivity.

    Automated Security Workflows

    When it comes to security incident response, you need to maximize efficiency. Effective incident response will protect your business from a security breach or theft and ensure your employees know their responsibilities.

    You can create automated security workflows for your security team using AI. If your security system detects a potential security threat, your team will receive automated workflows to respond to the event. Manual workflow creation leaves a margin for error and is time-consuming.

    Instead, you can establish automated workflows for each potential security threat in line with your incident response procedures. These workflows will automatically be assigned to your on-site employees, who will receive a mobile notification alerting them of the incident and their responsibilities.

    Implementing automated security workflows reduces time-consuming and repetitive manual data entry tasks and ensures the task doesn’t inhibit your productivity. Instead, you can establish your workflows to ensure that your employees understand their responsibilities.


    Security tools can be highly effective in improving project management for employees. Your employees can handle tasks and responsibilities while staying in touch with their customer management responsibilities, and you can plan your employees’ time in line with business’s busiest hours. Keep cloud-based security and integrations in mind when planning a security strategy that facilitates project management.

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