Roxanne Chalifoux: 'Crying Piccolo Girl' Plays With Roots Band On 'The Tonight Show'

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“Crying Piccolo Girl” Roxanne Chalifoux took the Internet by storm over the weekend when a video of her crying while playing the piccolo went viral.

The Villanova senior said she can’t help crying because of her college’s loss to North Carolina State during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The game would be her last to play with her school’s pep band and cannot help but to feel emotional when the Wildcats lost the game.

"I saw myself on the Jumbotron and all I could think about was that my dad was at the game," Chalifoux told Philadelphia’s WIP radio station on Monday. "I didn't want him to see me crying. Little did I know that it was going to end up all over the Internet and that [my dad seeing me crying] was the least of my worries.”

Chalifoux’s crying inspired several Internet memes including a crop of her tear-streaked face superimposed on a Titanic poster. Her image even made it beside Vice President Joe who appeared to be comforting her.

I can’t even explain it,” she told WIP’s Angelo Cataldi. “I think it’s like such a silly video and then that everyone just thinks it’s hysterical. I’ve just been taking it in good spirits. It doesn’t bother me, I think it’s funny.”

According to US Magazine, the piccolo player’s performance made Jimmy Fallon’s fans laugh so much that the The Tonight’s Show host invited Chalifoux to play with The Roots.

Being famous was far from Chalifoux’s mind when camera’s caught her crying. “But then it turned into everyone seeing me crying," she told Fallon.

“Everyone! Everyone in the entire world!" Fallon said, laughing. "I love it. You should be emotional!"

"That's the fun part of sports," he added. "That's the fun part about rooting for your school and team. It's passion."

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