Rick Ross Drops New Single Featuring R. Kelly For 'Hood Billionaire' Album

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On Friday, rapper Rick Ross dropped a new single from his upcoming album called Hood Billionaire. The song is called “Keep Doin’ That (Rich B—tch)” and features none other than the legendary R&B singer R. Kelly.

According to Music Times, the single is about finding a rich woman, dating her and “doin’ that.” It features Kelly’s melodic vocals in the chorus to complement Ross’s gangster-style raps. A few piano chords decorate this melodic rap song that was posted on SoundCloud. The single is out of Ross’s album Hood Billionaire, which is set to be released on November 24 in time for Thanksgiving.

In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Ross described “Keep Doin’ That (Rich B—tch)” as a record that “the chicks gon’ be able to turn up to,” while “the bosses [can] lean on the wall a little bit.”

Hood Billionaire will be the second album to come from Ross this year. His first album in 2014, Mastermind, was released in the spring and featured Jay Z in the song “The Devil Is A Lie”. Ross claims that Jay Z will also be in his upcoming album.

Ross reportedly chose to release two albums this year because they expressed different feelings. “Mastermind was the type of album that I wanted to have a rich feel to it, I wanted it to have…. nostalgia at the beginning, that throwback Puff feel midway through it… just certain energies,” he said.

“This right here—this is my Geechi Liberace, this a gold ring on every finger, we’re holding the bottles in the sky letting the champagne run down our arm,” he said of Hood Billionaire. “It’s just that feel-good record, a lot of 808s, real bass heavy and its gon’ feel different to you, so it’s gon’ feel like a full year from the Bawse.”

Keep Doin' That (Rich B--ch): Rick Ross featuring R. Kelly (explicit content)


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