PHP Programmers Unite To Make The Orange ElePHPant A Reality

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Android has bugdroid. Linux has Tux the penguin. Both have been immortalized in plush toys, action figures and even remote controlled robots. What about PHP's lovable ElePHPant though? Where's the love for him? Well, somebody has already made a blue, pink and red ElePHPant, but one man wants to add one more color.

Eli White, co-owner of php[architect], recently took to Kickstarter to fund the creation of an orange ElePHPant. Why orange? The magazine's signature color is orange and wants to celebrate its 11 years of publication with an orange colored ElePHPant.

If you think demand for an orange ElePHPant wouldn't be that high, you'd be wrong. The Kickstarter campaign only asked for $1,000, but has already received almost $18,000 in pledges since it started on Thursday. Most of those backers - 200 of them - have pledged $20 to receive a single small ElePHPant.

Exclusive to Kickstarter, php{architect] is also producing large ElePHPants for $100 each. Almost 40 backers have already pledged $100 or more to get a large ElePHPant alongside a number of small ElePHPants. The campaign has even attracted 14 backers who have pledged $250 to get one large ElePHPant and ten small ones. It's the kind of dedication that only programming language mascots can inspire.

If you want a blue elePHPant, you can get one here. They cost €10 for a small and €85 for a large.

Image via Eli White/Kickstarter