Peyton Manning Courted By Miami Dolphins Fans In Funniest Way Possible

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There are few things as funny as ridiculous sports fans. The silly measures people go to to represent their team, talk smack, and depending on the time of year, try to impress potential free agents, always brings a smile and giggle. There hasn't been a bigger free agent in the history of the NFL ahead of Peyton Manning. The man everyone swore would retire with a horseshoe on his helmet, now looks to be making a choice between Denver, Arizona, and Miami.

With Manning visiting Arizona today, according to ESPN's latest report. So if you're in the Phoenix area, you better get out to the team's facilities and show your support, because Miami has made a power play for Manning...

By way of a cover (if you can call it that) version of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" which actually has its own title - "Your Career Will Go On". I'm not even going to try and sum it up with words, I'll let you watch and be the judge.

With so many selling points for the Miami Dolphins organization, most of them dealing with the weather and nice beaches, it makes one wonder how Manning could say no. Not to mention Ace Ventura watching your back down there.

Here's a look at the story of the Peyton Manning free agency so far...

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