Paul Sciarra Explains Pinterest Departure


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It was recently reported that Pinterest co-founder Paul Sciarra was leaving the company within the next week or two, though reasons for his departure remained vague. Then, late last night, Sciarra confirmed and lightly explained his resignation in a blog post on the site he'd helped to build.

Sciarra confirmed that he was leaving his day-to-day role at Pinterest, but will remain on as an advisor for the company. He wrote, "after lots of reflection and plenty of discussion with Ben and others, I’ve decided that now is a good time for me to step down formally from day-to-day involvement," adding, "of course, I’ll continue to be there for the company: now, as an advisor, an owner, and — as always — a dedicated pinner."

As for his more imminent plans, Sciarra explained that he'll be joining Andreessen Horowitz, the lead investor in Pinterest's $27 million round last fall, as an entrepreneur in residence.

Sciarra had some things to say about the passion of the Pinterest community - "Looking back over the past few years, what strikes me most is the passion of the folks that use Pinterest. Few companies get love-letters from their users, and few get hugs from users at meetups. I can almost guarantee that this is the only company ever that’s been offered homemade barbeque sauce in exchange for a beta invitation."

The co-founder was formerly the president of Pinterest, until Ben Silbermann took his place a few moths ago. Silbermann and Sciarra founded Cold Brew Labs while at Yale in 2008. Pinterest’s third founder, Evan Sharp, joined the company in 2011, and oversees the sites design.

Sciarra ended his blog post by declaring that he was "so excited" about what is to come.