New iPads With Wi-Fi Issues Being Replaced by Apple

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It has been known for a while now that some new iPads have issues with low Wi-Fi reception. Now, 9 to 5 Mac has uncovered an internal AppleCare memo instructing employees to replace any new iPads brought in that exhibit symptoms related to poor Wi-Fi reception.

According to the memo, Apple is currently in the process of investigating the cause of the problems. AppleCare employees are instructed to "capture" 3rd generation iPads so that Apple can determine the cause of the problem. Only those new iPads that are Wi-Fi-only are slated for "capture." The memo lists the symptoms the affected devices may suffer from including intermittent connectivity, slow Wi-Fi speeds, and known Wi-Fi networks not being found by the iPad.

The issue first came to light in a thread on the Apple Support Forums where users began trading anecdotes about their new iPads dropping from Wi-Fi or having lower Wi-Fi reception than their other devices, including previous-generation iPads.

Regardless of the negative press the new iPad has gotten for its temperature and battery issues, users still seem to love the device. Millions of the devices have been sold and Consumer Reports recently ranked the new iPad first in its list of recommended tablets. Hardware bugs aren't the only problems Apple faces at the moment, though, as consumer groups in countries with 4G networks that are incompatible with the new iPad have filed complaints against the company's advertisements.

Do you have an iPad with poor Wi-Fi reception? If so, after hearing this news are you headed down to the Apple Store today to receive your replacement? Let us know in the comments below.

(image via 9 to 5 Mac)