Mobile Data Usage Doubles: Revenue at $300 Billion


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With half the US market now using smartphones, and mobile data usage ever increasing, it's is no surprise that our devices, the way we stay informed and connected, have become such an important part of our culture. And as you already know, what's happening in America, quickly sets the pace for the rest of the world.

a major research effort by ChetanCharma.Com reveals that mobile and messaging use are on the decline and mobile data usage has almost doubled since Q4 2010 to Q4 2011. So much so that mobile providers can barely keep up with the demand for data by their customers. Almost 50% of consumer's IT budgets are being spent on mobile solutions. That's interesting, because the amount being spent on a home-based internet connection is at 33% and declining.

Here's what Chetan Charma said about the Big Picture in their report:

"The global mobile industry is the most vibrant and fastest growing industry. We expect the total revenue in the industry to touch approximately $1.5 Trillion in 2012 with mobile data representing 28% of the mix. Mobile data services revenue stood at 33%. Global Mobile Data revenues eclipsed $300 Billion for the first time in 2011. It is also the first year in which non-messaging data revenues will make up the majority of the overall global data revenues at 53%."

"Smartphones are driving tremendous growth around the globe. Amongst the major markets, US leads with 69% sales. The global figure stands at approximately 32%. Some operators expect 90-95% of their device sales to be smartphones in 2012. In terms of the actual smartphone penetration, we expect the US market to eclipse the 50% mark in 2012."

Currently mobile data usage revenue stands at over $300 billion with 53% usage, but by the year 2015 mobile data should account for 95% of the traffic, and who knows what revenues will be by then. It is clear that society, in the US and abroad, is moving toward mobile connectivity, and abandoning wires altogether.

Check out Chetan Sgarma's great slide show on the rising popularity of mobile connectivity and data usage: