Millennium Falcon Guitar Is About As Cool As It Sounds

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Or geeky, depending on your disposition. What we have here is a guy who goes by the name of "fiskybusiness89," at least on YouTube, anyway; and his pretty damn awesome Millennium Falcon guitar.

Normally, fiskybusiness89's YouTube page is reserved for the music (and related videos) of one Brian Fisk, but the Falcon guitar is an adventure in both craftsmanship and viral marketing for business purposes. Before that, however, here's the musical instrument in question:

Yes, the Millennium Falcon guitar is for sale. If interested, you can email Mr. Fisk to inquire about prices. Because we're more concerned with how awesome Fisk's creation is, as well as the viral nature of it, because it is pretty geek-tacular. Bonus: not only does the video feature the guitar, as well as its ability to be played, Fisk also featured a short how-to segment, demonstrating how the Falcon guitar was created.

Of course, Fisk's guitar was featured on Reddit's geek YouTube page, which only helps in the video's viral popularity.

In other news, it's hard not to wonder whether or not if Fisk's Millennium Falcon guitar would be considered a SOPA/ACTA violation, especially since he made a YouTube video of it. Then there's the fact the Falcon itself has some sound effects from the official movie(s) intact. Would George Lucas approve, especially when you consider his love for rewriting history? I'm inclined to think if Lucas bought it, he'd remake the video, complete with ILM footage of Jabba the Hutt in the background.

Lead image courtesy of Wookiepedia.

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