Microsoft Edges Google In Mexico


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Mexico's online population has jumped 20 percent in the past year to 15.5 million Internet users making it one of the fastest growing markets, according to a new report from comScore.

"With more than 15 million Internet users in Mexico and growing fast, advertisers are increasingly turning to the digital medium to reach their desired audiences with increased sophistication and efficiency," said Ivn Marchant, comScore Country Manager for Mexico.

"The ability to target audiences across a variety of dimensions including demographics and behaviors is vital to the success of digital campaigns."

In March, the average Internet user in Mexico spent 28 hours online (up 7.5 percent), consumed 1,898 pages of content (up 18 percent) and went online 49 times during the month (up 18.6 percent).


Microsoft sites were the most popular online property in the country with 14.3 million visitors, up 29 percent from the previous year, followed closely by Google sites with 14.2 million visitors, growing 32 percent.

Yahoo sites took the third spot with 9 million visitors (up 23%), trailed by Facebook with 8.7 million visitors, more than triple the number of visitors from the previous year, for a growth increase of 224 percent.

Online properties native to Latin America including Mercado Libre (5 million visitors), Batanga (nearly 5 million visitors), and (4.7 million visitors) also ranked among the top ten.