Is Microsoft Edge Better Than Google Chrome?

If you value your internet browser’s speed and security, you might have to ditch your current one. There’s a new kid on the block, one that claims to be even faster and more secure than the world’s leading browser, Google Chrome.

Currently, the Chrome browser is a lot more popular than its rivals, controlling 58 percent market share. However, Microsoft plans to knock Chrome off its perch with a bold new claim for its Edge browser. The company started its assault on New Year’s Eve by releasing two new ads highlighting Windows 10 Edge’s superiority over Google Chrome in terms of speed, security, and battery efficiency.

The 30-second ads claimed that “Microsoft Edge is up to 48 percent faster than Google Chrome” and also “The faster way to get things done on the web.”

Microsoft also claims that its Edge browser is even safer than the Google Chrome. In the ad, the company points out that “Microsoft Edge blocks 18 percent more phishing sites than Google Chrome,” adding that using Edge is  “The safer way to get things done on the web.”

Apparently, Edge is better on battery life too.

While Microsoft has not exactly explained how it arrived at these two conclusions, it is possible that it may have based its statements on tests done by cybersecurity firm NSS Labs back in October of 2017. Based on the result of NSS Labs’ tests, Microsoft Edge showed the strongest browsing security by blocking 92.3 percent of phishing sites. Meanwhile, Google Chrome managed to block only 74.5 of the sites while Mozilla Firefox had a 61.1 percent block rate.

At the moment, Google has not yet released a statement in response to Microsoft claims.

[Featured image via YouTube]

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