Microsoft Donates "Mayhem" To Outercurve Foundation

IT Management

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The Outercurve Foundation has announced that Microsoft Research has donated an open-source scripting system called Mayhem to the foundation. Mayhem is to serve as the centerpiece of Outercurve's newly-formed Innovators Gallery.

Mayhem is scripting software designed to enable non-programers to interconnect services and devices both within and outside of the Windows ecosystem. Paul Dietz, leader of the Mayhem Project, says that Mayhem promises to move the PC away from being "a tool that people use" and turn it into "a servant that people command to take action on their behalf." Mayhem promises to give users a high degree of control over their entire Microsoft ecosystem - PC, mobile phone, and Xbox.

Outercurve's Innovators Gallery plays host to a variety of open source projects that showcase the leading edge of innovative technologies. The Outercurve Foundation is a non-profit organization that prvides software IP management and project development governance for organizations to develop collaborative, open source software.