The Meme Drinking Board Game: Imbibe With Your Favorite Internet Pals

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Still trying to figure out what to do on your Friday night? You could go to the bars, but it's crowded and you're tired of paying eight bucks for a crappy beer. You could go to the movies - but then again that really cuts in on your beer drinking.

Here's an idea: How about you gather some of your best friends, some good beer, and a die and sit down for a rousing round of the Meme Drinking Board Game.

The brainchild of reddit user kc_sharky, the game features many of the memes that reddit (and other sectors of the interwebs) love so dearly. And what's even more impressive - the memes are used correctly. We start with Jimmy McMillan letting us know that whoever's dice roll is too damn high gets to go first. We pass Socially Awkward Penguin, Scumbag Steve, High Expectations Asian Father, Good Guy Greg, and many many more. The winner is the first to reach Success Kid, who relishes in the fact that he won and everyone has to drink.

I think my favorite is Joseph Ducreux giving us an archaic rap about bros before hoes and then making all the girls drink. Not sure if the creator meant for it to work out like this, but both the Fry tiles and the Boromir Tile force players to go back to the "Wenches Imbibe" tile.

From the looks of the game, there's going to be a lot of going back to the start, which means more drinking.

As far as your game pieces go - there's no thimble or top hat here. You get to play with many an internet legend like Rick Astley, Business Cat, and even Ron Paul.

If you don't want to take the time to print it out and play it as a real board game, you can play it online here.

Between this and Battleshots, everyone should have a pretty fun weekend.

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