MegaUpload Data Safe Until Compromise Can Be Reached

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We brought you word last week that MegaUpload and all the other interested parties took to court to argue their case for why MegaUpload's data should or should not be destroyed. Everybody involved from MegaUpload themselves to the EFF to the MPAA all had a stake in it. Turns out that the court agreed with the voice of reason for now.

As we reported previously, the current problem can be attributed to Carpathia Hosting, the company that owns the MegaUpload servers, having to foot the bill. They are currently pumping a lot of money to keep these servers online and justifiably want some form of reimbursement. The government doesn't care what they do with the servers and even suggested that they delete the data. This would greatly weaken MegaUpload's defense as they need that data to prove their innocence.

The government and MegaUpload aren't the only interested parties, however, as the MPAA and the EFF both have a stake in this. The MPAA wants to retain the data so they can possibly bring a lawsuit against MegaUpload. The EFF wants to just return legitimate user data back to customers who have lost all of their data when the servers were taken down.

The court weighed all of these options and has come to a conclusion. CNET is reporting that the court ordered all the parties - MegaUpload, MPAA, EFF and the government - back into the meeting room. They are to come up with a plan that satisfies all parties.

In other good news, CNET also reports that the judge in the the case, U.S. District Court Judge Liam O'Grady, was "sympathetic" towards Carpathia and wants to avoid any deletion of user data at this time. O'Grady may even let MegaUpload get to the data they need to properly mount a defense.

Regardless of how you feel about MegaUpload or file sharing, you have to admit that the court has taken the proper approach. The government has improperly handled this case from the beginning and people are starting to see that. Here's hoping that all the parties, including the government, can come to a solution that's fair to MegaUpload and all the parties who have an interest in the data.

We'll keep you updated on any more developments in the MegaUpload saga. We don't know how long it will take them to announce a plan, but here's hoping for good news.