McDonald's New #Shamrocking Campaign Shows They Never Learn

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McDonald's just can't seem to learn their lesson after two botched Twitter campaigns. In recap, the restaurant launched a Twitter hashtag campaign in January called #McDStories that soon devolved into Twitter users bashing the fast food restaurant. They tried it again a week later with a new, less innocuous campaign called #LittleThings. Too bad for them the campaign was again hijacked by those wanting to mock the brand.

Things have been silent lately on the Twitter front, but McDonald's launched a new campaign this week to celebrate their annual Shamrock Shake. The hashtag is #shamrocking and it encourages fans of the shake to take a picture of themselves dancing an Irish gig while holding the drink.

The pictures over on their Buzzfeed are pretty humorous and show people having fun. All seems good for McDonald's now and nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

As it turns out, Shamrocking is already slang in use that's defined over at Urban Dictionary. Let's just say it's an adult form of art class.

Fortunately, most of the tweets seem to be playing along in good fun. There were some people, however, who took the opportunity to make fun of McDonald's or their misinformed choice of hashtag.

Look McDonald's, I like the Shamrock Shake more than most people do, but next time, read up on what the Internet thinks of your words. Chances are Urban Dictionary has already defined it, and it will be something filthy. I don't want to dissuade you from using social media, but be prepared for the Internet to turn whatever you do into something completely different.

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