London 2012 Shot Put Showcased With Google Doodle

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It's been a long time since Google users have seen the standard logo on the homepage - and it will be a longer time still. That's because Google has tasked itself with providing a different Olympics-themed Doodle every day of the Games. First, we had an opening ceremony Doodle, followed by a fencing Doodle, one celebrating men's rings, another on the sport of field hockey, and recently a Doodle depicting the great sport of table tennis.

And today, shot put gets its turn.

Shot put is one of 47 different events that make up the "Athletics" portion of the Olympic Games (commonly referred to as "track & field events"). Its name comes, quite literally from "putting" the "shot," or in other words chucking that heavy metal ball as far as you can. Evidence of shot putting (or some sort of stone throwing) as a sport exists from thousands of years ago.

In the Olympic competition, the shot weighs a hair over 16 pounds (for the men) and just shy of 9 pounds (for the women). The men's competition is already underway, and the women will get started on August 6th.

Other than showing Olympic pride, Google is surely using these sporting Doodles to show off the Knowledge Graph, Google's new element to search results that presents relevant information of the search subject (whether it be a sport, a band, a famous person, etc.).

If you were interested, the current world record for men is held by American Randy Barnes. In 1990, he recorded a distance of 23.12 m. On the women's side, Russian Natalya Lisovskaya holds the record. In 1987, she recorded a distance of 22.63 m.

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