London 2012 Basketball: Google Doodle Features Playable Hoops Game

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Today, Google continues their run of Olympic-themed Doodles with another interactive game - this one involving basketball. Yesterday, you probably remember wasting plenty of time on Google's homepage attempting to turn in the fastest hurdles time of your coworkers.

This game is much different - maybe a bit harder. It's a simple hoops game where you have 24 seconds to make as many shots as you can from the free throw line - but the mechanism for shooting can be tricky to master. The mechanism for shooting involves tapping your space bar. Waiting too long to release the ball results in a severe overthrow, and you'll be able to tell when you messed up by the glowing red basketball in your hand. My first try netted 18 points, but there are people out there doing much, much better:

Of course, today's Doodle celebrates basketball in the London Games - both men's and women's. Men's basketball was first played as an Olympic sport in 1936, and the women finally got their chance to shine in 1976. The 1992 Games in Barcelona marked the first time that professionals competed, and we all know how that turned out (Dream Team, baby!).

This year, 144 men and 144 women will participate in Olympic basketball. 600 basketballs will be used on the way to medals for six teams.

Today, the men's quarterfinal round sees the United States take on Argentina. And tomorrow, the United States women's team will face Australia in the semifinals of their bracket.

Yesterday, Google was accused by some of subtle racism for their Olympic hurdles Doodles. Some people said that it clearly depicted a black man running on a track that looked like a watermelon. As of now, I can't discern anything overtly "racist" from today's Doodle, but it wouldn't surprise me if someone did before the day's over.

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