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It was found that the Amazon Appstore is much better at generating revenue than Google Play. It's not surprising when you consider the amount of people who own Kindle Fires, but the Amazon Appstore's centralized platform plays a role as well.

It's that kind of centralization coupled with deep linking back to the appstore that can drive revenue up. It's the kind of self promotion that really works and Amazon has some tips to get the most out of linking to your app on the Amazon Appstore.

Now, you can use these deep links for three ways of self promotion on the Amazon Appstore. The first is obvious - linking to the paid version of your app on the appstore. There's a free version of Angry Birds Space on the Appstore, but there's also the paid version that gets rid of the ad. Rovio could insert a deep link into the free version to encourage people to upgrade to the paid version.

The second method has you linking to another one of your apps. I would suggest linking to one of your free apps from a paid app. They already paid for this app, but why not encourage them to try out the other app. Then the free app can contain a deep link to the paid version. It's a monetization cycle that works.

The third link measure might not be related to monetization, but it can lead to it. Linking users to the review page is essential to get positive buzz going around in regards to your app. Having no reviews is worse than having bad reviews.

In regards to actually linking to the Amazon Appstore, you have two options. You can insert a direct link to the Amazon Retail Website through the use of this base url: You can also link directly to the Amazon Appstore through this handy URL: amzn://apps/android?.

Here's a handy chart that shows you the various parameters you can add to your deep links. They work with whatever format you choose:

Link Amazon Appstore Within App