iPhone 5 Rumors: November Release Date in Russia?

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Another day, another rumor - but this time with some international flair.

Russian publication RBC daily is reporting that the much anticipated iPhone 5 could hit the shelves in their country in November.

Apparently, the Russian handset retailers are in direct negotiations with Apple to speed up shipments of Apple devices to the country. This comes from two sources inside the mobile "retail market."

Generally, iPhones have been appearing in Russia long after they launch in the U.S. and Europe - up to 6 months in most cases. Russian retailers obviously want to eliminate some of that delay. Here is an explanation of the situation, courtesy of RBC (note: the original page is in Russian, so this is a Google translate version)

Russian operators are negotiating with Apple to supply the iPhone 5, told RBC daily two sources for cellular retail market. According to them, this time mobile companies are trying to achieve the optimal term supply pipes from the American manufacturer. "In general, official aids on the shelves of Russian stores, usually appearing only six months after the official release, that is after premieres not only in the U.S. and Europe. Russian operators want to speed up delivery times ", - says one of the RBC daily. According to preliminary unofficial data, iPhone 5 in Russia may appear as early as November.

"To reduce delivery times operators have long wanted. Indeed, because of delays in Russia, there are many "gray" pipes. And this essentially takes the income of MTS and "VimpelCom" who are forced to wait for official release in Russia ", - says head of research Dennis Agency Telecomdaily pieces. In his view, to include Russia in the list of countries receiving iPhone immediately after the premiere of a new vehicle in the U.S., is quite real. "For Apple this is quite large, important market."

It seems like service providers are a little miffed that they are unable to sell the actual handsets to customers, only the service to customers who have acquired the handsets through other means.

One of those providers mentioned, VimpelCom, told RBC that yes, they are in negotiations with Apple for expedited supply.

This is important to American and European customers because it implies an earlier release date than November for them. If the Russians project November, that's more evidence to suggest a September/October release here. And as we know, that speculation has been flying around all week.

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