iPhone 5 Rumor: Not Coming to T-Mobile

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Despite the lower prices the network offers for its plans and its soon-to-be unlimited data offerings, T-Mobile subscribers have always had to jump through hoops to get new iPhone models on the carrier's network, if they could at all. Part of the reason for this is T-Mobile's lack of a 4G LTE network, though the company is in the process of updating its infrastructure.

Today, rumors began that the story will be no different for the iPhone 5, and that T-Mobile will not be getting the smartphone. TmoNews got hold of two screenshots of a field sales news memo meant for T-Mobile employees. The pictures insinuate that T-Mobile will not subsidize the iPhone 5 and that it might encourage customers with iPhones to switch.

A section on employee training priorities for September includes a list of training beats for "Selling Against the iPhone." The list includes the highlighted date September 21, which is very interesting considering that is the exact date currently rumored for the iPhone 5 release.

The part about having iPhone customers switch is a bit more complicated. Starting today, T-Mobile stores will have new "Monthly4G SIM kits" that includes a micro SIM kit capable of making the iPhone 4 and 4S compatible with T-Mobile's network. It could be T-Mobile's plan to encourage customers to buy a full-priced, unlocked iPhone at an Apple store, then bring the phone to T-Mobile for its lower-priced plans.

So, T-Mobile subscribers will have to continue not getting Apple's cutting edge devices. Still, there are plenty of nice Android phones to choose from, and a couple of them will probably rival the iPhone 5 in terms of both hardware and features.