iPhone 4S' Siri: Now With More Easter Eggs

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From what we know about Siri, Apple's new voice assistant program for the iPhone 4S, is that it looks like a rather interesting addition to iOS. We know that it will give users the ability to transcribe text messages, schedule calendar events, set reminders, check the weather, make dinner reservations and much more, all with the power of their voice.

We are also finding out that Siri has quite the sense of humor.

One of the big draws of Siri is that it will communicate with you, in order specify the parameters of your request. For instance, if you ask it to send an email to someone it might ask whether you want to send it to their work or home address. Basically, Siri talks back to you.

Joshua Topolsky at This is My Next has posted some of the best Easter eggs hidden within the Siri program. These interesting responses to questions already serve as the source of a new tumblr, called Shit That Siri Says.

If you ask Siri what the meaning of life is, you might get one of the following responses:

"I can't answer that now, but give me some time to write a very long play in which nothing happens."
"To think about questions like that."

The best one so far has to be this reference to a certain seminal sci-fi film -

Some questions that you pose to Siri will elicit suggestions:

The Shit That Siri Says tumblr is currently populated by This is My Next's finds exclusively - but when the iPhone 4S is released to the public on Friday morning the blog might explode with submissions. Who knows what awesome pop culture Easter eggs exist within the Siri program? Shit That Siri Says could wind up becoming an incredibly fun little blog.

What are you hoping it will include? What's the first question you would ask Siri to try to find a funny response? I'm pretty sure that mine would be "Surely you can't be serious?"

Apparently, Siri already takes the form of HAL 9000 in at least one instance. This video wonders what would happen if Siri turned out to be more like GLaDOS from the Portal games.

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