iPad 3: Who's Buying And Why? [Infographic]

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The iPad is expensive, we get that. Although it is a luxury item some are still going to fork over the cash and get the latest and greatest from Apple. But the question I ask is: who are these folks? Who will be lining up to get the new iPad?

I can't answer that question exactly, but we can gage pretty well based on information that's already out there. For instance, aytm, a research firm, has compiled an infographic on who will be likely to buy an iPad3 based on consumer research.

Let's take a look at what they found:

iPad 3 Statistics
Source: AYTM Research

So there it is, some pretty good evidence to tell us about who the iPad 3 buyers are likely to be and what's motivating the purchase. Almost 60% of of people are using them on the couch and in bed. I think this statistic is key and goes relatively unnoticed. iPad is replacing magazines and books as a primary form of relaxation, at least in my opinion.

Honestly, the laptop was a great invention for exactly the same reason, I don't want to be seated at a desk just to surf the net. Consumers are choosing to have access to the net in more comfortable and convenient ways. This is no surprise. Thank Apple for the iPad. It is revolutionizing the World.