iOS 6 Beta 4 Might Have Confirmed Another iPhone 5 Rumor

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The iOS 6 beta has been a treasure trove of new details surrounding the iPhone 5 that's reportedly launching next month. Developers were able to confirm that the next iPhone is going to have a larger screen thanks to iOS 6 having a scalable resolution. The next confirmation comes in the form of code that may have finally confirmed the size of the rumored dock connector.

Ever since iPhone 5 rumors began to pick up, we have constantly heard about a smaller dock connector. Back in June, manufacturers said that the new iPhone would have a 19-pin connector instead of the traditional 30-pin connector. Some code in the iOS 6 beta points to the dock connector being even smaler than that.

9to5Mac looked inside the code of the iOS 6 beta and found something very interesting. Buried among other hardware-based code, they found one line that stood out - "copyDeviceSupports9Pin." Now, this could be anything, but it definitely seems to point to a 9-pin connection. If true, the new dock connector will be even smaller then what the current rumors suggest. Here's the proof of the code courtesy of 9to5Mac:

iOS 6 Beta 4 iPhone 5 Rumor

Another point of interest is that this code has apparently been there since iOS 6 beta 1. It seemingly confirms that the new 9-pin connector won't be exclusive to the iPhone 5 as previous rumors have suggested. If so, then that means Apple will make a killing on selling new accessories for all of their products from the iPod Nano to the iPad.

Like all rumors, nothing is concrete until we hear straight from Apple. Thankfully, the iPhone 5 event will probably take place early next month. We'll get our first look at the device then.

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