Hurricane Sandy Request from FEMA: Text and Facebook, Don't Talk

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As "Frankenstorm" Hurricane Sandy is set to begin its assault on the east coast, millions of people are preparing for what is likely to be a huge weather event with far-reaching consequences. Of course, this involves the basic emergency prep like obtaining food, water, shelter, supplies, and in many cases - evacuating.

But there's another thing people in the path of the storm must consider: How should they communicate with their family and friends before, during, and after the storm?

Our friends over at the Federal Emergency Management Agency have a request - stay off your phones. At least refrain from putting them up to your ear and making a call.

Knowing that texts and Facebook/Twitter updates hog less precious bandwidth than a voice call, FEMA has asked people to keep their talking to a minimum. If you need to tell your loved ones you are ok, shoot them a text or update your Facebook status.

It's pretty simple, really. The less calls people make, the better the chances are that everyone's communications will get through. Take one for the team, and hey - you may even get some likes on your "I survived" Facebook status. That should make you feel good during this dismal weather event.

The FEMA Twitter account is a pretty good one to follow if you want update about the storm. Right now, they are tweeting out their picks for best accounts to follow for specific areas in the storm's path.

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