Here Are The Top 20 Ads Of 2012 According To YouTube

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In the strange world that we live in, people have come to like advertisements. Heck, we even look forward to them when it comes to the Super Bowl. That's because advertisers are increasingly seeking to entertain as well as push a product. This strange phenomenon has resulted in us ranking ads through various means. YouTube joins in this year with the top 20 ads of the year as decided by page views.

Unsurprisingly, Super Bowl ads were popular this year like always, but they did not take the number one or two spot. The number one ad of the year goes to Nike Football which garnered more than 20 million views since its debut in May.

The second most viewed ad was for Pepsi Max. Debuting in May, it has gained more than 17 million views.

The first Super Bowl ad to show up is from Volkswagen, coming in at number three, who steals the show again with another Star Wars themed ad:

Here's the rest of the year's top 20 ads starting at number four and continuing down in descending chronological order:

4: The Next Big Thing Is Already Here - Samsung - Over 16 million views

5: Matthew's Day Out - Honda - Over 16 million views

6: The Dog Strikes Back - Volkswagen - Over 16 million views

7: GoPro HERO 3 - GoPro Camera - Over 12 million views

8: Halftime in America - Chrysler - Over 11 million views

9: Mercurial Vapor III - Nike Football - Over 10 million views

10: Vampire Party - Audi - Over 7 million views

11: 2012 - Chevy Silverado - Over 7 million views

12: Pocket Like It's Hot - Hot Pockets - Over 6 million views

13: Blown Mind - Old Spice - Over 5 million views

14: Bounce - Old Spice - Over 5 million views

15: Make It With A Firemam - Sauza Tequila - Over 5 million views

16: it's Reinvented - Toyota Camry - Over 4 million views

17: Hot Wheels World Record - Hot Wheels - Over 4 million views

18: House Arrest - FIAT 500 - Over 4 million views

19: Bed - Old Spice - Over 4 million views

20: Vending Machine - Old Spice - Over 3 million views