HBO Nordic to Come Pre-installed on Samsung Products

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Yesterday, we told you that Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark) was about to be the first major market to get a standalone HBO streaming service - which is pretty damn cool if you happen to live in one of those countries. Now, the news gets even better for Nordic residents who happen to enjoy Samsung products.

Today, and IFA 2012, HBO and Samsung announced a partnership that will see HBO Nordic streaming service come pre-installed on a variety of Samsung devices. This includes, smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and Blu-ray players. If Samsung makes it and it's internet connected, it will come with an HBO Nordic application.

The announcement has been confirmed by HBO Finland's Twitter account:

HBO Nordic marks the first time that HBO will offer their content without the requirement that the subscriber also have a pay-TV (cable) subscription as well. According to reports, it will cost Scandinavian subscribers less than 10 euros a month and will also include content from Starz and Showtime.

Of course, cord cutters in the United States have to be less-than-thrilled to see this offered in Europe, as they've been clamoring for an HBO Go-like streaming service free of cable ties for awhile now.

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