Google's BigQuery Means Analytics for all Businesses


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Google is introducing an analytics solution for businesses of all sizes without the need for investments in additional hardware or software. BigQuery is a web service that lets you analyze information from huge datasets and have on-demand access to the figures. The service is available for free right now.

Google has been running a trial version of their analytical solution since November and many businesses and developers are using it with great success. Claritics, a mobile solutions provider, developed a mobile analytics application based on BigQuery.

Claritics CEO Raj Pai comments on BigQuery:

“Getting data into the system was cumbersome,”

“Once the data was in, running queries – asking simple questions and getting responses – took a lot of time. Complex queries on large datasets could take more than 30 minutes.”

“We can use the BigQuery Service infrastructure to create advanced queries and build these really quickly from a prototyping perspective,”

"Google BigQuery Service is saving us time and resources. Since we don’t have to worry about setting up machines as we bring more clients onboard, we expect it will save us a lot of money as well.”

Crystalloids is another company who streamlined their efforts and used BigQuery to help vacation destinations plan, predict, and target markets based on available data from past sales and inquiries.

Richard Verhoeff, founder of Crystalloids Innovations comments on BigQuery:

“We had to get all of the data over into Excel and then format the reports, which became very tedious,”

"Then we would have stacks of papers on our desk, comparing this year’s occupancy rates with last year’s and trying to identify problems.”

"Google BigQuery Service makes it possible to examine millions of records in seconds,”

“Other business intelligence solutions could take eight minutes to come back with an answer. That’s much too long. Speed is an essential part of our application, and BigQuery Service gives us that.”

Google+Enterprise+Blog%29">Businesses and developers alike can sign up for the BigQuery service and get 100 GB of data per month for free. They also offer special pricing plans for storing and query up to 2 TB. Google wants you to try the service and share your success stories on Google+. It sounds like a great service. Having real-time business information can vital for reaching new customers and competing against other providers in the same market.