Google Wants Some Ideas For Webmaster Tools Again. Got Any?

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Google is once again calling on webmasters for ideas on how to improve Google Search and Webmaster Tools. The company put out a brief Google+ update early this morning:

What would you like to see from Google Websearch & Webmaster Tools in 2015?

We'd love to hear your feedback & collect your suggestions on the kinds of things you'd wish to see being added, improved, removed, or changed by the Webmaster Tools and websearch teams at Google.

Google is offering a Google Moderator page where you can submit suggestions and vote one those that others have contributed. Of course there's no guarantee that Google will act upon any of these suggestions, even if they're voted the highest, but it's interesting to see what people want, and at least this gives Google a good way to get a feel for that.

"What can we do to make your life - as a webmaster, producer of great content, or SEO - easier this year?" Google asks on the page.

As of the time of this writing, there are over a hundred suggestions with with over 1,100 votes. The top one right now is: "Show more than 1,000 entries for any error report. 5,000 or 10,000 would be helpful."

Other popular suggestions include:

"An automated action viewer, so webmasters can see if they were impacted by an algorithm such as Panda or Penguin."

"I would like to see in WMT data from 12 months, not 3 as it is now :)"

Along side the manual penalty notices, a message to say whether or not an algorithmic penalty is applied to a website, and if so, what type of penalty and what action might help resolve it."

"Year on year comparison by month for impressions and clicks query data."

"Moe to account structure so http, https, subdomains (even subfolders) of one site can all be accessed and managed easily."

"I would like to see a much more detailed link tool within WMT. It would be nice to see all links, especially the latest ones without having to click around and download a .csv. Show us who is linking to which pages using what anchor text natively."

"I would like to see all back links data with nofollow and dofollow declaration separately. If possible also provide bad links and quality links checker."

There are plenty more where those came from.

This is your chance to let your voice be heard, so if you've been wanting something from Google in this area, you better let them know. There's a good possibility you'll have additional like-minded webmasters backing you up with votes, and who knows? Maybe it will make a difference.

Before you tell Google what you want, we'd love to hear it too in the comments.

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