Google Street View Captures Guy With Lamp Shade On His Head

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It's always fun to see what kind of interesting imagery people can find on Google Maps Street View. Beyond the beautiful imagery Google announces (like the underwater stuff for example), we've seen everything from people having sex to possible dead bodies and things resembling what one might imagine the gate to hell could look like.

As Google expands its interior photos, we're bound to see more people doing zany things indoors that end up appearing on Google Maps. We recently saw this weird costume party, for example.

Today, Google itself points to this image of a guy wearing a lamp shade on his head.

Lampshade head

Before you comment and say something like "This isn't Street View," allow me to point you to Google Maps calling it "the Street View image."

It's not quite as interesting as some of the stuff Google catches in the wild. This is clearly just people trying to be funny in their business photos, but it does show that Google is pretty open to creativity when it comes to this imagery, and it makes the experience a bit more interesting for users.

Google shared the lamp shade guy with the hashtag #StrangeStreetview. Hopefully this will catch on, and we'll see some more interesting things.

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