Google Revisits Global Network Initiative

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Back in 2008, Google first got on board with the Global Network Initiative, and now the search giant's Public Policy Blog has just Google+Public+Policy+Blog%29" target="_blank">checked in with the GNI's annual report. The Global Network Initiative fosters free expression, while protecting privacy globally. Members of the GNI protest their users by:

- Evaluating against international standards government requests to censor content or access user information
- Providing greater transparency
- Assessing human rights risks when entering new markets or introducing new products
- Instituting employee training and oversight programs

The founders of the GNI - Google, Microsoft and Yahoo all agreed that they should measure themselves against the standards of the initiative - and Google's Bob Boorstin, Director, Public Policy, and Lewis Segall, of the Senior Ethics and Compliance Counsel, commented on the results of the annual report that was released yesterday - "After reviewing them, the non-company members of GNI have told us that while we're by no means perfect, the assessments are credible and rigorous and demonstrate that companies are making progress — a concrete step in our efforts to build trust not only with our GNI partners but with all our users."

Google adds that it seeks to promote free expression and privacy around the globe, and takes steps that go beyond their membership in the GNI. These comments come only a few months after Google controversially changed its privacy policy, with up to 2/3 of users initially stating they would delete their accounts once the changes took effect.

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