Google+ Questions Answered In Latest Hangout

Developer & Design

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One of the coolest things Google does is list the office hours of their various departments. This allows users and developers to ask questions of the team and get answers from the actual people working on the software.

The Google+ platform team opened their office hours this week with no real agenda besides answering user questions. There were some good questions asked with plenty of insightful answers that should help any budding Google+ developer get the most out of the platform.

Some of the questions brought up include HTTPS and Hangout apps, the Google+ badge on Blogger, warnings logged to the console by the +1 button, and others. What may be of most interest to developers and Web site administrators is the section on "Redirecting your domain to your Google+ page" and "Pulling public Google+ activity from your Google+ page into your Web site."

Check out the 21 minute video for yourself and become informed. There's plenty of good advice to go around. This is apparently the year of Google+ for developers so you might as well get a head start on the competition.