Google Play App Publishers Get New Sales Reports

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Google Play changed how people access the Android market alongside every other Google app. In that spirit, Google has created new sales reports for app publishers. It should give publishers the tools they need to serve themselves and their customers.

Google Play, and Google Wallet by extension, allows refunds to be given to buyers within 15 minutes of the initial transaction. The new sales report now allows publishers to see the amount of sales and refunds on their accounts. This information is collected in an estimated sales report that is updated within two days of the transaction, depending on the timezone of the account that made the purchase.

The estimated sales report is archived at the end of each month. At this time, publishers may view their monthly payout cycle. A new estimated sales report is created at the beginning of each month.

Google Play App Publishers Get New Sales Reports

Archived estimated sales reports will be available in the “merchant reports” section of the developer console. They will be downloadable CSV files, the same format monthly payout reports come in.

All the information contained within the estimated sales report is the same as the monthly payout report except for final payment details. Google says this will make it easier to reconcile recorded sales versus the actual payout amount. You will be able to view estimated sales data from February 1, 2012.

As a final note, “merchant sales reports” has been renamed to “monthly payout reports.” It’s a small change, but one that Google says better reflects the content of the report.