Google+ Platform Office Hours Details jQuery Plugin

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It's another week and you know what that means - another Google+ platform office hours. While most of these are usually pretty interesting, this week has something that's far more helpful to developers.

The office hours last week were hosted by Jennifer Murphy, a developer programs engineer for Google. She gives a short demo of the new jQuery plugin that is making the rounds around the Google+ development scene. The source code is available for you to try out now, but I suggest you check out Murphy's live coding tour of the software first.

After showing off jQuery, Murphy answers user questions for the rest of the office hours. One thing that should make a certain developer pretty happy is that you can sign up for a Google+ Platform Preview account. This allows you to see and mess around with pre-release versions of Google+. It's especially useful for developers who make a Google+ application and don't want to see it break when new major changes hit the Google+ platform.

Murphy also addresses some other concerns regarding Google+ APIs and updates to potential problems regarding a conflict between Google Analytics social actions and the +1 button count. It was also announced that moderation tools are not coming to Hangouts yet, but Google is listening to all the feedback regarding this.

The final announcement sees a change to the Google+ Platform Office Hours schedule. It used to be that the Google+ team would do one every week. They are cutting back soon to a twice a month schedule so they can focus on higher quality content in the hangouts.

Check out the entire video to learn more about Google+. Become informed and use it to make your Google+ app even better.