Google Launches New "Click Type" Reports for AdWords

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Google has added a new kind of report to AdWords called "Click Type". This is designed to help marketers measure how different elements of AdWords ads impact their clicks, clickthrough rates and conversions. 

AdWords ads have more options for advertisers than they used to. Advertisers can now use a product ads format, which lets them display different offerings in the same ad, sitelinks, which lets them feature different links in a single ad, or click-to-call, which customers can click on and call the business. All of these options, while incredibly helpful in advertising, can complicate things when it comes to measuring effectiveness. 

The "click type" report shows the kind of data that its name would suggest. It lets you measure the performance of each click type you're using. "You can think of a click type as how your customers interact with your ads," says Google's Nathania Lozada. "Did they click on the headline, a sitelink, or some other aspect of your ad?"

AdWords Click Type Report
"With this added data, you'll now have the ability to compare performance of each click type side by side," she adds. "If certain click types perform well for your business, you may want to consider expanding them to other campaigns. Comparing click types by campaign, ad group or keyword will also highlight areas that need work."

"Given the success we've seen searchers and businesses have with more interactive features in ads, you can expect to see more of these types of features in the future. With the new click type report in AdWords you can measure the impact of these new features and continue to get the most out of your ads."

Google says to expect to see more interactive features in ads in the future. What this will entail is unclear, but it would appear that product ads, sitelinks, and click-to-call are just the beginning, so the new reports should also prove even more useful down the line. 

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