Google Is Working With Samsung On A 10-Inch Tablet [Rumor]

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There were rumors back in June that Google was preparing to launch a 10-inch version of its Nexus 7 tablet. There was little info at the time beyond the size of the display. Thanks to an analyst with NPD, we now know much more.

Speaking to CNET, an analyst with NPD's DisplaySearch said that Google would be launching a 10-inch tablet with Samsung in the future. It would be different from the Nexus 7 in that it would be marketed as a high-end device. The Nexus 7 is currently marketed as a cheap alternative to other tablets on the market.

So what would go into a high-end tablet from Google and Samsung? The analyst says the tablet would sport a 2560x1600 resolution with a PPI of 299. That's significantly higher than the retina display on the new iPad. As for other specs, we're still in the dark.

The Nexus 7 is ostensibly a Google device even though it was manufactured by Asus. Google will not take the same approach with its 10-inch tablet as the company will reportedly co-brand the tablet with Samsung.

Unfortunately for Motorola, it's looking more and more like Google just acquired the company for their patents. Google seems to be more interested in producing hardware with other manufacturers instead of its own manufacturing arm in Motorola. It might be for the best as Samsung is now the most trusted and well known name in the Android marketplace.

In other news, the analyst also confirmed to CNET that Google is indeed working on a $99 tablet. He wouldn't say who is making the tablet or any specs, but it is indeed coming. Production will start in December, however, which leaves Google out of the lucrative holiday season. It does spare the rumored tablet from the wrath of the iPad Mini which is expected to launch later this month or early next month.

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