Google I/O Sells Out In Record Time


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Whenever Google gets around to planning its I/O 2012 event, someone should really consider either hiking ticket prices or finding a bigger place to host it.  This afternoon, people were invited to register for Google I/O 2011, and within one hour, the event was sold out.

Vic Gundotra, Vice President of Engineering, made the feat official with an announcement on Twitter.  By comparison, it took 90 days to sell out Google I/O in 2009, and 50 days to sell out Google I/O last year.

That shows an impressive increase in Google's ability to draw a crowd.  It may also bode well for the many different technologies Google's trying to put in the spotlight this year.

A post on the Official Google Blog explained, "The focus of I/O 2011 will be all about the cloud, and feature the latest Google products and technologies including Android, Google Chrome, App Engine, Google Web Toolkit and Google APIs."

Also, "The Developer Sandbox, which we introduced at I/O 2009, will be back, featuring developers from more than 100 companies to demo their apps, share their experiences and exchange ideas."

Anyway, Google I/O 2011 will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, if you're curious, and early bird tickets went for $450 each.  Google sold student and faculty tickets for $150 each.