Google Fusion Tables Gets Experimental New Features

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Google Research has announced some new experimental features for the Fusion Tables tool. Fusion Tables is a web application that allows users to manage data. The new features are designed to improve and simplify the process of data discovery, management, and visualization.

Announced today on the Google Research Blog, features include a redesigned user interface with tabs and faceted search designed to make it easier for a user to find specific information from a large data set. There are also new layout options, including a card view that allows for customization of the way data is displayed.

Google Fusion Tables

The primary means of visualizing data with Fusion Tables has always been a map - data points like flu vaccines are plotted on a map. The experimental features expand the visualization options, though, adding network graph and zoomable line chart options.

Google Fusion Tables

They have also added a new library for open-source Fusion Tables tools. This library houses various tools that have been designed to improve functionality or add features to Fusion Tables. It is meant to be a place where users can add their own tools and experiment with new ones. Finally, they've updated the API and improved its interaction with javascript. The new API, however, is currently only available to their "trusted testers."

Are you a Fusion Tables user? What do you think of the new experimental features? Let us know in the comments.

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