Google Details Content API For Shopping During Hangout

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There's a new Office Hours Hangout this week that covers one of the less publicized, but still important, APIs - the content API for shopping. According to Google, this API lets you "programmatically manage the structured items you upload to Google to use in Google properties such as Product Search and Web Search."

During this Hangout, the team takes questions from users ranging from minimum description sizes to international orders to everything in between. Some of the questions even throw the team for a loop like when a user asks about country targeting and language use. Take for instance targeting the Netherlands with English content even though Dutch is listed as the official language.

If you want to know more about the Content API for Shopping, check out the developer resources on the official Google page. The guide covers developing for the API in Java and Python. It's a pretty robust guide so get in there and start developing.

Check out the Hangout below to find out how to better target customers through Google Search. Online shopping is expanding and one of the best ways to attract customers is through search.

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