Google And Apple Trusted More Than Facebook And Twitter

IT Management

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Nearly half (49%) of U.S. adults trust Apple, Microsoft and Google, according to a new Zogby Interactive survey.

Twitter and Facebook were rated much lower, with trust levels of 8 percent and 13 percent respectively.

Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google are all more trusted than traditional media, which had a trust level of 8 percent.


While Microsoft, Apple and Google were each trusted by 49%, the percentage expressing little or no trust was higher for Microsoft and Google (both 46%) than it was for Apple (35%).  The percentage of not sure responses was higher for Apple (15%) than for both Google and Microsoft, both 5%.

Adults under 30 had the least trust in Microsoft and Apple. Among those under 30, 34 percent had trust in Microsoft and 41 percent in Apple. That age group's trust in Facebook (20%) and Twitter (15%) was also higher than that of older age groups.