Flickr's Android App Enables Batch Loading

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The batch loading of photos on Flickr, a popular website for users to share and embed personal photographs, has become possible thanks to their Flickr Android App. If you own an Android phone you can select as many photos from your gallery as you want.

Weak signals will not get in the way of downloading on the go because Flickr has added the upload queue to make uploading more successful. Users can also track the progress of their uploads, and if the signal is interrupted, the process will reload itself.

The website currently hosts more than six billion images.

Will their numbers double within the next year due to batch loading?

You can get the official Flickr Android App here.

Users of the app only gave it 3.6 out of 5 stars.

Here are some criticisms of the app:

"Scrolling is way too choppy. Paging hardly ever works."

"Why can't you add photos to groups yet, this would make it so much better."

"It would have been so much better, if I could add new tags, make my hidden photos visible add them to groups also go look into group activity and the best thing arrange meetup & get notified when my flickr friends are in my country or state. You can do lot more.. This app is for babies.. Kindly improve on it."

What do you think of the app?